Meta is pleased to announce that Scott Thornton has joined the team as a Principal Solutions Architect, adding his best practice knowledge and executive experience to the Meta Solutions team. Scott has over 35 years of experience in public sector and nonprofit financial management, and he also serves as a board member of the Public Sector User Group for Oracle.

He was the Financial Lead who guided Wisconsin through the successful implementation of PeopleSoft ERP version 9.2 for all executive and legislative branch agencies in the state. Prior to working on the ERP system at Wisconsin, he led the state’s Capital Accounting section and developed reporting systems for the state’s building program and Clean Water and Safe Drinking Water grants. Moreover, he served as a Team Leader in the State Budget Office, briefing the Governor and the governor’s staff on IT initiatives, Federal Funds, and State Operations. Additionally, he served as the Secretary of the legislature’s Joint Committee on Finance for budgetary adjustment meetings under state statutes.

Most recently, he held the position of Controller for the Wisconsin Department of Transportation. Furthermore, Scott has actively participated in various non-profit boards, and he currently serves as Treasurer for an affordable housing non-profit organization.