Meta President Ed Bouryng was recently published in an article on HR Morning:

“’Weather the storm’” is a typical response to IT initiatives — and most recently to onboarding AI — by those who conduct daily human resource operations.

More experienced HR team members will remember a history of significant technology changes, more than just the recent push to Cloud, but also big data, internet architecture, client-server and enterprise systems.

With the shift to AI, that will spawn yet another surge of IT-related initiatives that will be weathered by your team and organization.

Weather the onboarding AI storm

From an HR team’s perspective, the storm is an appropriate description: the technology change will run its course, it will have positive and negative impacts, and it will move on with your team right there beside you during and after the storm.

Your team will provide support, company funds will be invested in the technology, and some benefits will be realized.

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