Our commitment to collaboration at Meta includes our semi-annual conferences. The annual MetaConference includes an open invitation to team members’ partners and families. Each year our team votes on the destination and theme, and a volunteer team within Meta, contributes to the organization of the event. Since 2005, the Meta team has held our annual MetaConference across many different cities throughout the country, including our most recent conference in Tampa, Florida.

We dedicate time to spend as a group with our family members who attend, including a welcome reception to get to know new team members who have joined Meta within the last year, and their family members. It’s a time for all team members to reconnect, share some stories, and create new memories together.

Another important component of the annual conference is our collaboration sessions.  These sessions allow all team members to contribute to the improvement of the organization and our offerings to our clients, including key strategic initiatives that Meta is undertaking in the coming year.

MetaConference also allows us to spend time as a team giving back to the local community. We dedicate time, facilitated by our CivicRush® app, to a local good cause – examples include:  care packages for deployed services personnel, fun packages for children undergoing medical care, clearing invasive plant species from parkland, creating bookmarks for reading programs, and supporting family members of those undergoing medical treatments.

Our mid-year MetaConference focuses on progress to our goals and adjustments we can make; a check-in to make sure we are on-track; and, of course, an opportunity for us to have some fun and pursue team building together.

Both events include activities that support team member education, our “Fun” core value, and our giving back commitment to the community.