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Gambling with your SaaS investment? How to turn the odds in your favor

Join the Metaformers team as they respond to questions from the Meta Conference 2024 webinar at the Oracle HCM Users Group (OHUG), hosted by Janice D’Aloia.

Q 1 - What would be the benefits of moving to SaaS vs moving PeopleSoft to the cloud?

Q 2 - What are the biggest risks of moving to SaaS?

Q 3 - Phase 2 to implement HCM and we are nervous, What steps do you recommend?

Q 4 - Replacing legacy application, what would you recommend to get the best solution?

Q 5 - How do we decide if we should implement big bang or in phases?

Q 6 - Data security concern, how do I know our data is secure in the cloud?

Q 7 - What do we do if we lost and are missing key subject matter experts?

Q 8 - What is Oracle planning for PeopleSoft HCM from a long term product strategy perspective?

Q 9 - How long will ERP HCM SaaS migration take?

Q 10 - How do we make it work for our unique processes if can not customize SaaS application?


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