Lower cost and risk with a bold technology move

You’ve invested significantly in your organization to stay competitive in a global environment. Your IT investments are a critical aspect of your competitive position, if not mandatory, and “bold” is perhaps not so bold in our current environment. Metaformers believes leaders pursue change. Change that is difficult and requires vision are where a partner is most needed. Metaformers is founded and built around enabling leaders to tackle change – to help leaders make a bold move that will reduce their costs and risks and set out on the right track for the future.


Reaching beyond the scope of typical SDLC methodologies, MetaStream focuses on rapid transformational change, combining agile and waterfall aspects to deliver change that is quick to market while effectively managing risk from the start of a project. The strength of MetaStream is the focus that we place on the impact of change on the organization, working with you to validate your project vision and its desired impact on organizational strategy.