Metaformers is a hybrid management consulting and cloud delivery solutions company focused on helping organizations to achieve People Driven ROI®. We recognize that technology is a strategic transformation and modernization enabler, though it is your people’s ability to gain tangible long-term results that is the primary ROI driver.


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For those concerned with Process – this is your Portal.  Whether you are a CFO, a HR Manager, or a business leader you are looking to optimize your business processes through transformation to best practices.

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For those concerned with the Technology  – this is your Portal.  Whether you are a CIO, a CTO or an Information Systems business leader, you are looking to optimize your operations through transformation of your on-premise or cloud solutions.

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Onboarding AI in the Workplace: 6 Best Practices for HR

Meta President Ed Bouryng was recently published in an article on HR Morning: “'Weather the storm'” is a typical response to IT initiatives — and most recently to onboarding AI — by those who conduct daily human resource operations. More experienced HR team members...

Most organizations never achieve their full operational potential

or realize ROI from their technology investment.
Metaformers’ clients do.

Whether it’s modernizing your processes and services to empower your team, or taking your organization beyond the cloud with transformational solutions, Metaformers experts are focused on your unique challenges, specific needs, and return on your investment.

Effective Modernization and Strategic Transformation

Discover real ROI and cost savings through modernization of your organization’s business processes and solutions. 

Managed Services

Discover the security, peace of mind, and the operational advantages of having a trusted, full-service, IT partner.

Cloud Solutions

Well-balanced, modern, and future-proof systems to make the most of your IT Investment.

On-Premises Solutions

Our on-premise solutions focus on leveraging the best practices within Peoplesoft and Hyperion to give your organization the maximum return from your applications and operations.

Metaformers delivers a robust set of healthcare solutions designed to enable your success.

Learn how we helped a client implement the recruiting solution over six months, partnering with an in-house technical team.

LFUCG: Oracle PBCS Implementation

The LFUCG application was a created as a combination of the best Public Sector Planning features and best practices from all industry PBCS implementations.

We are the experts that software vendors call to solve the hardest problems, eliminate the biggest challenges, and exceed expectations in the toughest situations.

In today’s competitive environment, the organizations that live on the leading edge of technology can drive superior results, realize a better bottom line, and create a competitive advantage by mitigating the risks associated with inefficient processes, ineffective internal controls, and outdated software solutions.


Metaformers specializes in creating a greater return on investment through the best practice application of effective modernization and strategic transformation for clients in:

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