The Meta Team Header

Team members at Meta are challenged every day.  Challenged to deliver the highest levels of professionalism to our clients and our peers.  Challenged to be innovative in creating solutions that not only replicate best practices but create them as well.  Challenged to be a mentor within the team, and a contributor to our communities through giving back programs.

At Meta we believe the challenges, how we face them, and overcome them with success, are an important component in what makes our organization special.

Our Core Values

Meta’s core values are a representation of who we are as an organization, and how we work with our clients, our partners, and community focused organizations.

Our People

At the heart of the Meta team are our people.  Averaging over 10 years of delivering change for our clients, Meta’s team members are the key to delivering People Driven ROI.  Supported by our Meta Methodology, ongoing team collaboration, and proprietary Meta Tools focused on change, our team members are equipped to deliver meaningful results and maintain the Meta Standard of excellence.

Being a part of the Meta team, you have the opportunity to attend our annual MetaConference.  These meetings represent a great way for all team members to come together to collaborate and help contribute to the organization’s ongoing success.

Giving back is a core part of who we are.  From our CivicRush app to giving back events at our conferences, and project team events in the local communities in which we work, being a contributor is a core part of the Meta philosophy.