People Driven ROI®

Meta is a hybrid management consulting and cloud delivery solutions company focused on helping organizations achieve People Driven ROI®. We recognize that technology is a strategic transformation and modernization enabler, though it is your people’s ability to gain tangible long-term results that is the primary ROI driver.

Modernizing Your Processes To Take
Your Organization Beyond the Cloud

When you partner with Meta, you’re collaborating with a team that is culturally aligned with the principle that their success on a project is measured by the long-term success of our client. We have delivered in the most challenging circumstances, often when an organization has invested and is underperforming or in trouble. We’ve delivered from the start, with a focus on People Driven ROI, or have been called in when others could not, as “Mayday Meta” to get an organization on track for long-term success.

With extensive knowledge of subject matter and best practices, Meta can enable your vision and help you to transform your way of doing business, overcome obstacles, exceed expectations, and help you generate reliable returns from your people on a technology investment.

Effective Modernization and Strategic Transformation

Cloud Solutions

Managed Services

On-Premises Solutions

Health Care System Brochure

Learn how Meta helped transform the processes at the 10th largest public healthcare system in the U.S.

Transform Your Organization

Our architects will hand you a roadmap to drive your next level of growth.

The experts at Meta can help take your organizational processes from outdated, ineffective, and underperforming to competitive and scalable. We’ll help modernize your technology and processes from start to finish to secure your investment, increase ROI, and establish greater efficiency. Our network architects are our strategic advantage. Their unique abilities, collaborative approach, and extensive experience enable them to create a transformative roadmap that leads to long-term growth.

Transform Your IT Infrastructure

Secure your investment, reduce risks, and increase bandwidth with Meta.

We are laser-focused on giving your business a flexible, long-term solution. As an IT business leader, it’s crucial to optimize operations through the transformation of your on-premise or cloud solutions and gain a competitive edge. Meta’s managed services are designed to accelerate business performance, lower the cost of ownership, optimize processes, and increase returns. Our cloud delivery solutions will free up your team to focus on core capabilities and increase efficiency in your organization.

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